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If you know what you are looking for, continue with the link below. We do suggest reading below to assist with any potential questions.

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There are a few ways to get you started experiencing The Joys Of Swimming. Feel free to call or text 919.939.1408 for any questions or clarification.

By clicking on our link below for registration, please know the following:
*  Please do NOT “select” a class. We will assign your lesson once you have been contacted by our team.
*  In the “comment” section please let us know your availability for lessons, the best days, times, and frequency that you wish to have your lessons. A first, and second choice are very helpful.
*  Once we receive your registration we will be in touch within 48 hours (we try to do much better) to start our conversation.
*  Please select the class, look closely at the day and times, you wish to participate in.
*  Please contact us directly (do not complete a registration form) to see if your date and time is available.

Be prepared to set up payments when registering, this is the easiest for you. We can make other arrangements for check or cash transactions if needed.

Beginning March 1st, we will have an Annual Membership of $40 per family (individual is $40). This will allow us to maintain our current price structure. If you choose “non-member”, the rates will be as follows:

Private (for 30 min) $35 $45
Parent & Tot $45 $55
Swim Team 101 $85 $95
SPED Group $90 $100
Cross Training $75 $90
Pool Party $300 $325
Lifeguard Cert $275 $275

Please complete the link below. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call or text to 919.939.1408.

Thank you for choosing The Joys Of Swimming!

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