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What events are happening at the Joys of Swimming in the next few months?

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Masters Swim 101

So you know how to swim some, and want to be doing a little more with it for exercise. Are you thinking, “Now WHAT?”
THIS is the next step. Come learn the following with us:
1. What a ”set“ is.
2. How to do a flip turn.
3. Why you should do a flip turn.
4. What circle swimming is.
5. More efficient swimming.
6. Stroke improvement (video analysis).
7. How to have a great pool workout with friends.
8. Last but not least, to have fun in the pool when working hard!


Single Family Swims

Single Family Swims
Single Family Swims will be held at the start of every hour during these available times on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (this week and next, at the moment) from 10 AM – 7 PM (start times). Here’s how these will work…
1. In order to register, you need to email Bonnie@thejoysofswimming.com or text 919.939.1408 the following information:
a. Name
b. Cell #
c. First 3 choices of day and time (more if you have them)
2. You will receive a confirmation email or text (based on your form of contact) with confirmation of your selected swim time
3. When you arrive at the facility for your swim, please wait in your car until you receive a text from our staff that you are able to enter the facility. This allows us sufficient time for sanitizing between each family.
4. You and your immediate family will be allowed to swim for 45 – 50 minutes (dependent upon how long it will take your family to exit the facility) with access to toys and teaching aids. Please ask the staff member to get anything that is needed out for you, no one but staff is allowed in the storage room.
5. Please be aware that we only have one toilet area in each locker room open for use, and have sectioned off areas in each locker room so that we are able to keep the area smaller and sanitized.
6. Cost: $45 for members, $60 for non-members